Manufacturing Technology for
Life Science & Biosolutions

Design, Sourcing & Deployment

Our role - What we do

  • We help Start-ups and established companies in Biotech/food/pharma to source high-quality process equipment in China. 
  • We facilitate and govern the process from initial design to installation.
  • Our unique business model and network of top-tier Chinese machine manufacturers makes us very competitive.

The future is here

Two dominating trends shape the Danish industry sector

Green Transition: Expansion of green energy (wind, solar, biogas) and related infrastructure (district heating, power grid).

Rapid growth in the pharma and biotech sector, reinforcing its significance
to the Danish economy.

High demand for skilled craftsmen

Current trends demand both High Tech equipment and expert engineers and craftsmen. 

With machine builders in Denmark (and Europe) at full capacity and a shortage of skilled craftsmen, costs for constructions are increasing. 

This diminishes competitiveness and raises entry barriers for emerging pharma and biotech companies.

The solution: Bridging Demand & Supply

China boasts the world's prime pharma API and biobased manufacturing cluster. 

Top global pharma companies’ produce and source APIs here. This has nurtured a vast supporting industry, including a range
of machine shops, engineering firms,

and lots of skilled workers. 

The Chinese capacity expansion is decelerating after years of growth, leaving excess capacity in the construction sector, while the expanding European pharma manufacturing experiences shortages. 

We bridge this gap by linking Chinas surplus expertise to the capacity requirements in Europe.

Our business model

With substantial process and project experience, we can customize the sourcing and service package to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

With presence in China and Denmark -  and substantial process industry knowledge from both continents – we facilitate easy access to top-tier machine manufacturers in China.

Our partner and supplier model makes us extremely flexible and competitive.

Balancing Quality, Speed & Cost


  • Premium pharma/food standards
  • Top quality of steel, components, and craftmanship
  • Documentation to fit requirements
  • Quality assurance and testing as specified in design


  • 17 weeks from order to delivery for low complexity orders. 
  • Fast track options can reduce time to 13 weeks


  • Extremely competitive forboth pharma and food standards

Meet the owners


Contact Niels Murmann to start a dialog about how we can work together -  or get a quote on your next project. 

We have time and available capacity for you!